Brief Introduction to the Schools and Departments


Shihezi University consists of 20 faculties including most of the major departments of education. There are School of Science, School of Humanities, School of Medicine, School of Engineering, School of Agriculture, School of Business and Law, School of Foreign Languages Studies, School of Physical Education, School of Art, School of Adult Education, and School of Vocational and Technical Education.

School of Medicine


The School of Medicine teaches all the international students MBBS degree course (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) which abides by the instructions of medical knowledge and morals, inheriting the tradition in the medical field and encouraging becoming a better doctor. University pays more attention to education quality and safety of the international students. It also guarantees the best living conditions and sticks to the student-oriented teaching principle following their country’s syllabus. Thanks to great efforts of the teaching staff and the doctors, a great number of top talents have been emerging from the University who have made better prospects in the medical profession.

General Medicine Department

  • Clinical Medicine (Cosmetology)
  • Clinical Medicine (General Medicine)

Preventive Medicine

  • Preventive Medicine
  • Clinical Medicine

Cosmetic Department

  • Nursing
  • Medicine Technology (Cosmetic Technology)