School History

first corps health school student roster
The First Corps Health School Student Roster (Nov. 1949)
Xinjiang Military Health School student in anatomy lab
Xinjiang Military Health School Students in Anatomy Laboratory (1950)

Shihezi University School of Medicine, is the predecessor of the PLA first corps health school. In  August 1, 1949, the PLA First Field Army liberated Tianshui. The then first corps commander Wang Zhen, also the Minister of Health had initiated the “Pan Shi Zheng schools”, which also included of running hospitals side by side. At the time of Tianshui liberation, Minister Ban, alongwith his Deputy Minister of Health, Wang who was also second by north established the first corps of the Preparatory Committee on Health Schools. This formation helped the people at the work place to carry out the enrollment form.

In the same year, August 26 the liberation of Lanzhou occurred, within the next two days medical teachers and students were enrolled in medical school in Lanzhou. On September 25, medical school students and teachers conducted an opening ceremony, which was held in Lanzhou City Girls High School Auditorium. This was the day when the School of Health announced the first Corps was formally established.

School Production and Construction Corps Health School
School Production and Construction Corps Health School (1954)
College Medical Corps during the first session of the graduates photo (Jan 1963)

On the day of October 16, 1949, the entire school was ordered to enter Xinjiang. Then the Hami march arrives to Turpan, the Corps indicated two routes into Xinjiang, which was led by the king of the South and by the North. The South Xinjiang Medical Training team was established which consisted of four sub teams, who walked for 43 days from Turpan to Kashgar. Accompanying by the political commissioner of the North which was led by a three brigade of Soviet military aircraft, switched to Hamiltan of Duddy (Urumqi). This Third Brigade consisted of 360 students with 24 teaching workers and service personals alongwith health training groups from different regions joined the original logistics headquarters in Xinjiang and established Xinjiang Military Health School. Later in the year, October 1954, it was changed to Production and Construction Corps Health School and again to Corps Medical College in December, 1959. Back in February 1966, it was renamed to the Medical Corps. In accordance with the instructions given by the Ministry of Education of China, in October 26, 1978, it was officially named as Shihezi Medical College.

In 1996, the Shihezi Medical College, College of Agriculture, College of Higher School of Economics Corps, Corps of Teachers College together merged to form Shihezi University, where in Shihezi University, School of Medicine was renamed.

Medical Corps students doing chemistry experiments
College Medical Corps Students perform Chemistry Experiments (1966)
Shihezi Medical College
Shihezi Medical College (1978)

Previous names for Shihezi University School of Medicine :

September 25, 1949 First Corps Health School
January 1950 Xinjiang Military Health School
In October 1954 the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Health School
December 1959 Medical College of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
February 1966 Medical Corps
September 1978 Shihezi Medical College
September 1996 Shihezi University School of Medicine

Shihezi University School of Medicine
Shihezi University School of Medicine (1996)