Medical Insurance


Medical Insurance for MBBS students in China

The Medical Health Insurance will be for every foreign student in our university at the expense of 600 RMB per year for all the academic degree course years. This medicalĀ insurance covers Death Insurance, Accidental disability insurance, Health insurance for accidental injury and hospitalization.

At the time of immediate assistance or emergency, the University would help the insured student to clear the medical bills, however the student has to pay and clear off all the medical expenses incurred at the hospital till the student is discharged. After the complete payment done by the student, the University will apply for the insurance and the insured amount will be given to the student. The medical insurance institution will cover the expenses which will be within the scope of the insurance coverage, during the period of insurance. If the student doesnot pay the health insurance in time, the medical insurance institution or the university will not be responsible for any kind of insurance amount.

After the student pays all the following fees to the University:
tuition fees, hostel fees, application fees, registration fees, health insurance fees, medical check-up and visa fees. The University will arrange to buy the Medical Health Insurance for Foreigners Staying in China. All are the students are advised to immediately consult their class monitor or teachers, if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable and visit a doctor in the university hospital. If you have any treatment in the university hospital, you should inform your teacher or your relatives within 24 hours to start the insurance procedures. Every year the medical health insurance should be paid by the student alongwith other fees as mentioned above. The student will be insured for one year only while studying and staying in China. If any student visit his/her hometown in the vacations, then the insurance will not be covered by the university or the medical insurance institution.

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