Physical Examination for MBBS student in China
Every student has to conduct a physical examination test in their home country before applying for visa, as well as when they come to China. According to the rules of the Chinese government, all the foreign students who come to study in China for more than 6 months, should have this physical examination in the university hospital and submit to the teachers. Those students who fail the test or who are not qualified in the physical examination are not allowed to study in China and will be sent back to their home country immediately. There has been instances when students pass the physical examination in their home country, however they donot qualify the physical examination conducted in China. Those students will have no choice, but to return back to their home country. So please donot amend any test in your home country and have a thorough and complete physical examination before coming to China. The cost of the physical examination conducted by the university hospital will be paid by the students. The students will submit the examination test to the university; otherwise they will not be allowed to apply for a residence permit visa. The physical examination in the university hospital will take about 30-40 minutes and the fees will be 500 RMB. The University will arrange for a group of students to go to the hospital together at the start of each semester. The students should bring all the reports, certificates and x-rays which they have received in their home country and submit to the university. This way, if the doctors assure the reports, the students can save the fees and can pay less than what is mentioned above.

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