• Contact Hostel office.
• Hostel staff will assist you in taking around the Hostel facility.
• Visit Rooms in the Overseas Students Apartment Building ear-marked for Fresher’s getting admitted to 1st year of MBBS Undergraduate programs in Shihezi University, School of Medicine.


1. Once the new students arrive the hostel/university, they should pay the hostel fees and the deposit for all the items given to them while their stay.

2. Hostel fees per year will be 5000 RMB per student (two students will share one room).

3. Hostel room deposit will be 250 RMB. The rooms will be equipped with a color TV, fridge and all the furniture for 2 students including bedding and quilts. Phone connection, Internet connection, hot running water, heating system and laundry services willbe included in the hostel and deposit fee.

4 . 150 units of electricity will be provided per semester per room. More electricity used will be bought by the students themselves.

Please note the following important points:

  1. All the things given to the new students in the room has to be maintained in a proper way and keep the room clean.
  2. Follow all the rules and regulations, given by the University Hostel.

For check-in to the hostel do not forget to bring:
a) ‘Acknowledgement’ issued confirming the Provisional admission to the Hostel for 2017-18.
b) One door Lock with 3 keys & One Lock with key for Wardrobe in the Room.

Top Ranked

Shihezi University, School of Medicine ranked top medical university in China for MBBS Degree Course.


Shihezi University is on the list of INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED study abroad universities. Source: MCI.

Top 25 MBBS College

Shihezi University in the list of Top 25 MBBS colleges in China to study medicine for Indian students – MOE.